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  Annalynne Russo is a romance writer, born and
 raised in beautiful San Diego, California. After
earning her bachelor's degree in Spanish language
and literature, she worked as a bilingual teacher
and curriculum developer for ten years. One of
Annalynne's passions is teaching her students the
joys of reading and writing. As a child, she spent
hundreds of hours immersed in books and later,
learned a love of writing through the power of
words. While she enjoyed great success in her
career, Annalynne always felt that something was
missing. She had so many stories in her head
just waiting to be told, yet no time or outlet to
express them.
  After many late-night conversations with her
husband, Annalynne finally decided that she had
to take a leap of faith and concentrate full time
on her writing career. As a busy wife and mother,
working on this creative outlet has also given
her the opportunity to spend more time with her
two teenage sons. Between soccer games and
swim meets, one can almost certainly find this
talented, young author typing away on her laptop.
  Annalynne has always been intrigued with the
supernatural world of vampires and werewolves.
As such, her genre of choice is paranormal
romance. Her first manuscript entitled, Irresistible
, dubuted on Halloween 2011 from
Evernight Publishing. Since then, several other
novels and short stories have been published.
  As a way to share her work with others and
explore her opportunities as an up and coming
author, Annalynne created this website. Please feel
free to read excerpts of her books and interact with
her either via email at
or through the writer's guestbook page.

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